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Eye Height, at HOW Art Museum Shanghai

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Eye Height

at HOW Art Museum Shanghai

Chinese artist Jin Yangping and German artist Kai Schiemenz's dual exhibition Eye Height is being on view at 2F Gallery at HOW Art Museum since Nov 8, 2023. The exhibition presents 85 sets of recent works by two artists.

This exhibition is another collaboration between the two artists after 2019. Their works use different media and formal languages to discuss topics such as time, body, and environment in a cross-cultural context. The title of the exhibition "Eye Hight" is a metaphor for the height and direction in which the eyes look, implying the direction of knowledge people read and seen. This exhibition is curated by German critic Leonie Pfennig.

The exhibition ”Eye Height“ is currently on display at the Shanghai How Art Museum. Recently, we invited Kai Schiemenz, one of the participating artists of the exhibition “Eye Height” to discuss his artworks.
Schiemenz's sculptures not only feature unique materials but also embody the German philosophical spirit's imagination and pursuit of utopia. Through close observation of the intimate relationship between sculpture and architecture, he successfully presents the beautiful glass in an embellished, hyper-dimensional manner.
The artist employs captivating glass colors while leaving rough production traces in the form of the work. This contrast sets Schiemenz’s sculptures apart, making them one-of-a-kind. Schiemenz not only uses glass but also employs ceramics and aluminum in his creations.

We can view Schiemenz's three-dimensional works as miniature representations of giant buildings, blurring the lines between appearance and outline. The smooth surface of colored glass creates a mineral crystalline texture, using an artificial method to emulate nature. Pure and rigorous geometric blocks, deconstructed, pieced together, and stacked, resemble mirrors, reflecting the urban landscape of the modern metropolis.

“Sculpture” series is currently on display at HOW Art Museum, as part of the “Eye Height” exhibition, which is a collaborative exhibition by Kai Schiemenz and Jin Yangping. The exhibition will last till February 25th, 2024


🗓️ Exhibition Info:
Eye Height: Jin Yangping& Kai Schiemenz
Duration: 2023.11.08-2024.02.25
Opening Ceremony: 2023.11.10
Artist: Jin Yangping @jinyangping1 & Kai Schiemenz @kaischiemenz
Curator: Leonie Pfennig @leoniepfennig
Venue: HOW Art Museum (2F, No. 1, Lane 2277, Zuchongzhi Road, Shanghai)
Organizer: HOW Art Museum
Co-host: Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig/Berlin @galerie_eigenart

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