Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

The Knot _ linking the existing with the imaginary – mobile unit for artistic production and presentation

House of the blurry edges

Kai Schiemenz in collaboration with Iris Flügel

THE KNOT is a mobile platform for artistic production and presentation that occupies different public places in the cities of Berlin, Warsaw and Bucharest from the end of April till end of October 2010.

Conceived as a nomadic, temporary site, THE KNOT creates an innovative framework for performing the habitual as well as the unexpected. It is a new site for experiencing different modes of interaction and cooperation, for exchanging theoretical and practical knowledge, and for testing various fields of engagement with the public sphere. The core venue for all project activities is a specially designed architectural structure, adaptable to the diverse urban situations it encounters, and inspirational for a wider discussion on the shapes of tomorrow’s agoras. In its lightweight, easily expandable form, the mobile unit fits a multitude of heterogeneous uses and creates a temporary and hospitable shelter for different activities, many of them simultaneous. The public is invited to take part in the production of the various projects.

Model for the house of the blurry edges

Possible choreography with the model

A structure like a three dimensional cube puzzle in the size of 200 x 200 x 200 cm. It is dimensioned to be transported in a truck with standard dimension 210 x 210 x 400 cm. It is built in four parts out of wood and painted with different colours of blackboard paint (black, green, plaid pink, grey). The main idea is that you are able to change the object in different types of use in refer to the needs.
It is an It-Could-Be-Structure, a useable display: as a platform, as theater, as a garden, as a monument or after all a simple sculpture. A choreographed sculpture which starts as a cube, like a Malevich’s Kaaba in Berlin and morphs during the whole voyage into an exploding observation point with a garden inside (very metaphorical) in Bucharest.
During this time the structure is an Everyone-Can-Use-Structure, a source for something else, something could-be, everyone is able to extend the structure in a temporarily sense, what means that after the using it should be possible to move the single parts back into each other - back to its innocent cubical form.

în progess in Tempelhof, Berlin


in Warzaw


in Bucharest


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