Montag, 22. November 2010

Light Projects, Melbourne

Islands Of Swarm

About design of Architecture and Community

"That is the first task of storytelling. It opens up a theatre in order to legitimize actual deeds. It creates a realm where daring and accidental public practice become authorized." Michel Certeau.

The emersion of theatre, in its closed architectural appearance as we know, takes part in the same time as the development of the new laws of perspective in the Renaissance and the establishing of the civil city-state. Similar to the paintings of the Renaissance, which put the viewer in front of a well arranged painting, architectures of theatres freeze the viewers gaze and their position in an orderly perspective and thereby produce an ideal sight.

Islands of Swarm, parts of the archive of stadium, theater and other associated areas

The exhibition originates from my archive about stadiums, theatres and associated areas. A design is found in a construction, which transforms the archive in a special form/ object and generates a special map. Starting from the idea that architecture is not a container for human neediness, but that people needs and humanness are rather generated through architecture. The exhibition asks about the disciplining function of architecture, it is about approaches of action and other practices in the architectural space that generate a “social sculpture”, which in its best way is discursive as well as performativ- practical and asks for the connectivity of architecture and community.

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