Freitag, 9. Mai 2008

Kappatos gallery, Athens 2008

Dwellings of a suspended Empire

First soloshow of Kai Schhiemenz in Kappatos gallery (in Athens; 12 Athinas St, Monastiraki, tel 210-321-7931).
The centralpiece of the exhibition, goes back an idea developed for Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum for the exhibition ‘Speculation’, as a walk-on sculpture. The sculpture was build as a model and painted in the way, like the US Navy painted there ships during the Second World War with a ‘dazzle camouflage’. Inside was projected a film about a Dance-piece a Solo choreography of Peter Player, projected as a dobble-side-projection. The solo is filmed with two fixed cameras. They are fixed in such way, that they don’t face each other and they can’t record the whole set-up at once. They work like engines without moving. Both cameras create a two lens corridor a and b. The choreography on the other hand takes up the whole space. For each camera it means that the dancer is sometimes seen in the corridor of camera a , sometimes in the corridor of the camera b and sometimes in both (a+b). The sculpture creates a situation between using and observation.

photos Kai Schiemenz, 'Dwellings of a suspended Empire'

filmstill with Peter Player

modells exhibited in the gallery


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