Donnerstag, 12. Juni 2008

Ministry for Foreign Affaires, Berlin 2008

Tower To Nowhere

photos: Sven Hagolani

The sculpture was developed as two seven meter high wooden staircases loop round alongside each other, come together at a viewing platform and separate again. These curling twin stairways in the Atrium at Ministry for Foreign Affaires are accessible at any time for anyone to climb and descend. The idea for a seven meter high construction comes from a hollywoodlike Möbus-strip as a double loop. It is developed during a grant in Villa Aurora in Pacific Palisades (Los Angeles) and related with stage designs of musicals in the 1930th years. From the entrance you will walk upstairs on the outside and then descend from the inner staircase – or vice versa. Ideally the sculpture creates a situation, where the observer (spectator) observes the observer during observing (on the way up or down).

photos: Sven Hagolani

photos: Claudio Kocking

drawings and modells: Kai Schiemenz


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