Samstag, 1. Oktober 2011

Total Theatre II

The 24th UBE Biennale

Date:from 24 September to 13 November, 2011
Venue:UBE (Japan) Tokiwa Museum-Open Air Sculputure Exhibition site

The stage of a theatre place or building offers the space for dramatic action representing the world. The Total Theatre came about in relation to the idea of the "Theatre of Memory" described in 1550 by the Italian Renaissances scholar Giulio Camillo. In his theatre, which reverses the normal perspective of such buildings, the spectator stands in the centre and looks into the auditorium, which represents the world. Thus, the visitor no longer sits on the terraces looking at the drama performed on the stage, but stands himself amidst the scene viewing the (not existing) auditorium.

The Greek philosopher Plato used the dodecahedron as the quintessence the world/cosmos.
The Total Theatre is a walkable wooden dodecahedron, which you can enter from each side via triangles, stringed with a net. Rather than walking through the sculptures of the Biennale, visitors can lie the centre of a sculpture, exploring the world and turning the Biennale into a public event.
The spectator lies and sees everything outside of the structure, while relaxing.

the films are from the
ubemuseum's Channel

My great helpers!
and more great volonteers
most of the photos are taken by Mayu Sato

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